Your New Internet Crush Angie Varona



  1. The poor girl. With a body like that coupled with a desperate need to be loved by a male figure she has no chance. Obviously broken emotionally. She is PERFECT!

  2. What’s with all the crying? You should be getting royalties for pictures like these. Use what you have for your benefit and capitalize from your seemingly unwanted fame. Haters gonna hate and that’s what will make you rich. Gorgeous, sexy accent I will fantasize while touching myself tonight.

    Hahahahaha… This is the internet, deal with it!

  3. This is horrible! This poor girl was betraited by her boyfriend and has been trough a lot. It´s amazing how anyone can do this, post her pictures after all she has been through.

    • How do you know this? If that’s the deal then it is unfortunate. But it’s quite an opportunity for someone trying to get into modeling to have photos (with clothes ON) around the internet with people saying how pretty she is. When she finally gets approached by Gap or a clothing company that offers to pay her sick money to pose in their outfits, I don’t think she will mind that much.

      • She did an interview. When she was young, all of those pictures were posted against her will. She put them on Photobucket only for her boyfriend too see, it got hacked, she was exposed. She said she was bullied a lot, changed schools twice (eventually home schooled), and had suicidal thoughts because of the leak.

  4. This girl takes way to many pictures of herself, attention, attention, dependent, dependent. she looks like the hot girl in most peoples groups. Get a degree and stop focusing on what will bring you no happiness in the end.

    • Excuse me? What’s wrong with her taking pictures of herself? Maybe this isn’t her life’s passion or anything, but it takes a lot for some stranger to just assume that she’s wasting her time.

  5. Oh, here’s a good place to put this. Yeah she’s fourteen in these pictures. Which were posted by her boyfriend.

  6. This girl was under 18 when some of these photos were taken and leaked without her consent. It’s not technically child porn, but it’s more than a little fucked up that you posted this.


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