5 Awesome Tricks With Lighters That You’d Appreciate (Video)


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5 Awesome Tricks With Lighters That You’d Appreciate (Video)

Learning new tricks are always handy and could benefit you at some point in your life. We loved to play with lighters, match sticks or even with fire when we were kids, doesn’t we? But we didn’t know much tricks back then, right? However, in this video, Mr. Gear is helping us out in learning these 5 awesome tricks with lighters.

This is a cool trick for you by which you can just show off in front of your friends. But, since you are playing with fire, you need to be extra careful and make sure you’re doing it indoor and away from kids and other flammable substances. The video is now viral on every social media and had crossed over 8 million views on YouTube. Watch the video, enjoy and make sure to be safe while playing with fire.

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