The Female Mystery: 5 WTF things women do. Vol. 1 – By Erika Jordan

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Women are complicated. I’m a woman and even I don’t understand why we do the crazy things we do. Your best bet is to just accept these things and be amused.

  1. We carry items in a purse we never use because one day we think we might need them. You’ll be grateful when you’re stuck on a deserted island and she happens to have 2 cliff bars, matches, sunblock and baby wipes.
  2. We need to keep two or more different shampoos and various conditioners in our bathroom at all times. I could explain that our hair is like our mood and needs to be treated differently depending on the current conditions but all you need to remember is don’t bother questioning the logic.
  3. We apply mascara with an open mouth. There is no good reason for this but if we try to close our mouth during the process we mess up and smudge the mascara.
  4. We almost always have nothing to wear even when our closet is overflowing with clothing and shoes.
  5. The average woman spends about 120 hours a year admiring her reflection in the mirror.

Take your own stab at answering these universe shattering facts about women and I’ll openly debate with you or agree with you if it makes sense.

That’s it! Some facts that will help you play the game and others just for fun! If you have any questions please contact me on social media.



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