22 Most Horrifying Body Modifications That Will Make You Say WTF  

22 Most Horrifying Body Modifications That Will Make You Say WTF

Who on earth wouldn’t be happy to look beautiful? People are spending millions of dollars each year to improve their beauty.

However, there are also these wackiest people who love to destroy their amazing natural beauty with such horrifying body modifications that nobody will ever wish to imagine. They do all these things for just one reason and that is to stand out from the crowd. But I have only one thing to say about these, they all are truly disgusting!

Horrifying Body Modifications 00

Horrifying Body Modifications 01

Horrifying Body Modifications 02

Horrifying Body Modifications 03

Horrifying Body Modifications 04

Horrifying Body Modifications 05

Horrifying Body Modifications 06

Horrifying Body Modifications 07

Horrifying Body Modifications 09

Horrifying Body Modifications 10

Horrifying Body Modifications 11

Horrifying Body Modifications 12

Horrifying Body Modifications 13

Horrifying Body Modifications 14

Horrifying Body Modifications 15

Horrifying Body Modifications 16

Horrifying Body Modifications 17

Horrifying Body Modifications 18

Horrifying Body Modifications 19

Horrifying Body Modifications 20

Horrifying Body Modifications 21

Horrifying Body Modifications 22

Remi Gaillard Shot Santa Claus (Video)  

Remi Gaillard Shot Santa Claus (Video)

Christmas is just a couple of hours away from us and we know these are the times Santa Clauses are arriving at our home. However, what would you if some sound comes from the back of your house, will you shoot them even after knowing it’s the Santa came with the presents?

But unfortunately in this video here, Remi Gaillard didn’t think it was the Santa Claus who made the sound back in his house and without thinking twice, he just shot him. Watch the video to find what actually happened here and why Remi Gaillard Shot Santa Claus.

20 Bizarre People That Will Make You Say “WTF”  

20 Bizarre People That Will Make You Say “WTF”

Some pictures on the internet are hard to believe as there are tons of fakes floating around. But What if I told you that these people are real? You’d surely be surprised, won’t you? There are no more bizarre people on earth that you’ll live to see than these people down here. They’re all funny at the same time the weirdest ones to live among us. This is surely not the way that anyone would ever like to live.

Bizarre People 01

Bizarre People 02

Bizarre People 03

Bizarre People 04

Bizarre People 05

Bizarre People 06

Bizarre People 07

Bizarre People 08

Bizarre People 09

Bizarre People 10

Bizarre People 11

Bizarre People 12

Bizarre People 13

Bizarre People 14

Bizarre People 15

Bizarre People 16

Bizarre People 17

Bizarre People 18

Bizarre People 19

Bizarre People 20

Popping A Giant Balloon While Standing Inside It (Video)  

Popping A Giant Balloon

Popping a giant balloon while inside of it seems like a really stupid idea and a sure fire way to go deaf… so lets watch!

Dunking Basketballs While Swinging From A Rope (Video)  

Dunking Basketballs While Swing From A Rope

This video of people dunking basketballs while swinging from a rope is insane. I must find this bridge and try this immediately! Whose up for a roadtrip?

Now This is What You Call Fashion  

Now This is What You Call Fashion

Who needs all that expensive name brand frilly crap when you have a boss ass attitude and a fashion sense like these crazies…

worst fashion 01

worst fashion 02

worst fashion 03

worst fashion 04

worst fashion 05

worst fashion 06

worst fashion 07

worst fashion 08

worst fashion 09

worst fashion 10

worst fashion 11

worst fashion 12

worst fashion 13

worst fashion 14

worst fashion 15

worst fashion 16

worst fashion 17

worst fashion 18

worst fashion 19

worst fashion 20

worst fashion 21

worst fashion 22

worst fashion 23

worst fashion 24

worst fashion 25

worst fashion 26

worst fashion 27

worst fashion 28

worst fashion 29

worst fashion 30

worst fashion 31

worst fashion 32

It Happens Only In Asia…Must See  

It only happens in Asia

It seems like one big silly game show sometimes. It seems crazy and wacky over there, but you can’t deny it looks like they are having a ton of fun…

Only In Asia 01

Only In Asia 02

Only In Asia 03

Only In Asia 04

Only In Asia 06

Only In Asia 07

Only In Asia 08

Only In Asia 09

Only In Asia 10

Only In Asia 11

Only In Asia 12

Only In Asia 13

Only In Asia 14

Only In Asia 15

Only In Asia 16

Only In Asia 17

Only In Asia 18

Only In Asia 19

Only In Asia 20

Only In Asia 21

Only In Asia 22

Only In Asia 23

Only In Asia 24

Only In Asia 25

Only In Asia 26

Only In Asia 27

Only In Asia 28

Only In Asia 29

Only In Asia 30

Only In Asia 31

Only In Asia 32

Only In Asia 33

Only In Asia 34

Only In Asia 35

Only In Asia 36

Only In Asia 37

Only In Asia 38

Only In Asia 39

Alligator Is Hungry For Alligator (Video)  

This is probably the closest we will get to actual jarrasic park! This is some must see alligator vs alligator fight to the death action…

Unsuspecting Dude Gets A Straight Up Monkey Drop Kick (Video)  

Monkey Drop Kick

Screw you Donkey Kong! There is a new badass primate in town. Look out folks or you will get a sfwift monkey drop kick to the face! He isn’t the hero this city needs, but he is the hero it deserves…

26 Hilarious Restaurant Names You Won’t Believe…  

Although a restaurant is rated by its food, there are a lot of other factors that go into judging quality. We would say that the name of the restaurant does matters. All that people want is the good food with a good name (or at least for the sake of this post we are going to assuming you agree!)

People will eat anything with Dominos written on it ? Even if it is their crappy “special chicken”, but hey it is easy and shows up right at your door so why not? The importance of a catchy name can make a lot of different in judging a restaurant by it’s cover.

Here you will find some creative works of some interesting restaurant owners who took something so simple and made into something amazing. They have found that the name of their restaurant does matter, and being funny can be just as good as classy in attracting the crowd. The key is to stay unique and differentiate yourself from thousands of restaurants with cliché names. What people want is something different to try. These owners have taken their restaurants to the next level by making the name truly stand out with the correct amount of humor and fun.

Some of these are pretty weird and some are just plain hilarious. We don’t really know if these names work as they are supposed to but heck, no risk no reward right? Have a look and let us know what you think. Also Please share your funny restaurant names with us for our next restaurant roundup! Enjoy…

Hilarious Restaurant Names 01

Hilarious Restaurant Names 02

Hilarious Restaurant Names 03

Hilarious Restaurant Names 04

Hilarious Restaurant Names 05

Hilarious Restaurant Names 06

Hilarious Restaurant Names 07

Hilarious Restaurant Names 08

Hilarious Restaurant Names 09

Hilarious Restaurant Names 10

Hilarious Restaurant Names 11

Hilarious Restaurant Names 12

Hilarious Restaurant Names 13

Hilarious Restaurant Names 14

Hilarious Restaurant Names 15

Hilarious Restaurant Names 16

Hilarious Restaurant Names 17

Hilarious Restaurant Names 18

Hilarious Restaurant Names 19

Hilarious Restaurant Names 20

Hilarious Restaurant Names 21

Hilarious Restaurant Names 22

Hilarious Restaurant Names 23

Hilarious Restaurant Names 24

Hilarious Restaurant Names 25

Hilarious Restaurant Names 26

When You Accidentally Catch A Gator instead of A Fish (Video)  

Accidentally Catch A Gator?

That moment when you accidentally catch a gator instead of a fish. Anyone who has ever been fishing has had that special moment where they think they just caught “the big one” and it turns out to just be a tire or a log. Well next time you are disappointed just thank your lucky stars it wasn’t a freaking gator on the other end of that line!!!

Woman Sets Gas Station On Fire When Guy Won’t Give Her A Cigarette  

Check Out This Gas Station on Fire:

I don’t know about you guys, but I have definitely had those days where I just want to burn something to the ground! Next time someone asks you for a cigarette you should probably just give it to them…

Ozzy Man Reviewing People Getting Slammed By Angry Bulls (Video)  

People Getting Slammed By Angry Bulls:

Throw another Shrimp on the barby, or something like that. But seriously, these guys are getting skewered by angry bulls. If you are squeamish beware…