Best Golf Trick Shots And Putts of 2016 (Video)  

Best Golf Trick Shots And Putts of 2016 (Video)

Video of ‘golf’ golf? Seriously! Won’t it be pretty boring? Naa, I’m not gonna watch!

This might be your response after seeing the title of this video. Honestly, I too thought of the same, but surprisingly the video turned out to be so much awesome.

After all, it’s a compilation made by ‘People Are Awesome’, so won’t the video be awesome? Get a glimpse of the video and I’m telling you that you won’t be able to stop the video unless it gets stopped by itself. So, as for now, just roll down to the video and watch the best golf trick shots of 2016.

Popping A Giant Balloon While Standing Inside It (Video)  

Popping A Giant Balloon

Popping a giant balloon while inside of it seems like a really stupid idea and a sure fire way to go deaf… so lets watch!

Dunking Basketballs While Swinging From A Rope (Video)  

Dunking Basketballs While Swing From A Rope

This video of people dunking basketballs while swinging from a rope is insane. I must find this bridge and try this immediately! Whose up for a roadtrip?

Bottomless Bag Magic Trick (Video)  

Bottomless Bag Magic Trick

Witchcraft I say! Witchcraft! You won’y believe this bottomless bag magic trick this del taco employee can pull off!

Alligator Is Hungry For Alligator (Video)  

This is probably the closest we will get to actual jarrasic park! This is some must see alligator vs alligator fight to the death action…

Unsuspecting Dude Gets A Straight Up Monkey Drop Kick (Video)  

Monkey Drop Kick

Screw you Donkey Kong! There is a new badass primate in town. Look out folks or you will get a sfwift monkey drop kick to the face! He isn’t the hero this city needs, but he is the hero it deserves…

When You Accidentally Catch A Gator instead of A Fish (Video)  

Accidentally Catch A Gator?

That moment when you accidentally catch a gator instead of a fish. Anyone who has ever been fishing has had that special moment where they think they just caught “the big one” and it turns out to just be a tire or a log. Well next time you are disappointed just thank your lucky stars it wasn’t a freaking gator on the other end of that line!!!

Woman Sets Gas Station On Fire When Guy Won’t Give Her A Cigarette  

Check Out This Gas Station on Fire:

I don’t know about you guys, but I have definitely had those days where I just want to burn something to the ground! Next time someone asks you for a cigarette you should probably just give it to them…

Ozzy Man Reviewing People Getting Slammed By Angry Bulls (Video)  

People Getting Slammed By Angry Bulls:

Throw another Shrimp on the barby, or something like that. But seriously, these guys are getting skewered by angry bulls. If you are squeamish beware…

450 Ton Dump Truck Crushes Passenger Car (Video)  

Holy Crap! You have to see this 450 ton dump truck crush a passenger car. I’m wild you mild wooo!

Panda Taking Selfie With A Man In China (Video)  

Everyone loves Pandas! So we are just going to eave this video of a panda taking selfie with a man here…

Sad Ben Affleck Video Goes Viral  

Oh man, whether you like Ben Affleck or not this is hilarious! So for those of you who are not aware, the new Batman vs. Superman movie is getting completely destroyed by critics and fans alike. I’m not sure whether this is because people are just overly critical of Ben Affleck, or they thought the movie simply did not live up to the hype. I mean, this is a movie which is trying to recreate one of the most epic and highly regarded comic books of ALL TIME!

We here at try not to pass too much judgement, so you will really have to go out and see the new Batman vs. Superman movie for yourself. However, this video of Sad Ben Affleck is just hilarious no matter what you think of the movie!

When Your Pep Rally Is Lit Up (Video)  

Well this pep rally really got out of hand fast!

Spraying Skunk Prank (Video) … You won’t believe what happened!  

Roman Atwood started this spring by bringing a skunk to the beach, and of course hilarity ensued. Ladies and gentleman, without further a-do-do I give you… the fake skunk prank!

Pressure Washing Compilation Is Oddly Satisfying  

Ya, you read the title correctly. It sounds strange, but this pressure washing compilation is oddly satisfying!