Sending Mom Texts of your Dildos is always OK Right?  

When you send your family texts make sure you don’t blast them with images of your sex toys…and if you do react just like this because they won’t figure it out right!?

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College Student Gets His Professors Sexy Selfies  

A college student was lucky enough to score his professor number so she could answer questions about his class…but that’s not what he got. He said that his professor’s boyfriend shared the same number with him and well she confused the two and send him a few naughty photos.

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Here’s proof that he got his A in the class

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Guy Texts a Wrong Number and it Gets Him Arrested  

An unfortunate wrong number got Florida man arrested not too long ago. The wrong number ended up belonging to a captain from the Martin County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit.


William Lamberson was hoping to score some weed and reached out to who he thought was an acquaintance. Unbeknownst to Lamberson, he had actually initiated a text conversation with a Narcotics captain who initially tried to explain that he had the wrong guy, telling him, “I don’t know you.”

weed-texts-003-09162015 weed-texts-004-09162015

Worst. Wrong. Text. Ever.


Guy Painting Daughter’s Bedroom Gets Advice From Wrong-Number Text  

Ever text a wrong number and get awesome advice? Yeah, not typically. Most of the time you get told off or don’t get a response.

When this father tried to text a friend for some decorating advice, he got a stranger instead. Luckily, they put their heads together and came up with a great plan of attack…

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Jealous Boyfriend Gets Burned After Texting His Girlfriend’s Co-Worker  

Guys, don’t be a jealous boyfriend that’s a complete douchebag that goes through your girlfriend’s cellphone. Or karma might just instantly slap you in the face with a text conversation like this.

texting-001-07272015 texting-002-07272015 texting-003-07272015 texting-004-07272015 texting-005-07272015

11-Year-Old Break Up Text Comes With a Brutal Burn  

Childhood breakups normally aren’t too bad. Maybe someone had one too many boogers or they had cooties…In this case Joey sounds like a player and his girl wasn’t having it. She ultimately burned him in the last and final text of their childhood relationship.

break-up-texts-000-07022015 break-up-texts-001-07022015 break-up-texts-002-07022015

Texting Exes Who Are Clearly Never Getting Back Together  

Texting Exes…it happens usually when you’re drunk, but if you’re sober and doing it, what is wrong with you?

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Texts From My Cat  

If your cat could text this would be a conversation your probably would have with the cat.

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