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‘Lil Wayne Raps Like’ Is The Funniest Parody Twitter Account

Parody accounts on Twitter are nothing new, but Lil Wayne Raps Like  started up on Oct. 8th and is the funniest one in recent memory. Weezy’s increasingly off-the-wall, pun-heavy punchlines m…

Jaden Smith Tweets Too Much Wisdom

Jaden Smith needs to cool it with all the wisdom he’s blowing everyone’s mind.

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Breaking Bad’s Ending According to Comedians on Twitter

People Say The Strangest Things on Tumblr

What is the worst thing you can ask after sex?

A couple of days ago we asked “what is the worst thing you can say right after sex?” Here are some of your responses that you all posted on Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to c…

24 Funny and Random Tweets

Seattle PD is the Best

The Seattle Police Department handed out 1000 bags of Doritos at this year’s Hempfest with do’s and don’ts to ensure those who imbibe have a safe and legal fest. Coolest cops ever? W…

8 Amazing Stop Motion Vine Videos

If Season 5 of Breaking Bad Was on Facebook

Ever wonder how much more bizarre Breaking Bad would be if season 5 was played out on Facebook? Well here it is the internet has produced that very thing for you. If you watched last nights episode yo…

People on the Internet are Brilliant

You Have Some Clever People on Tumblr

Facebook is Full of Idiots

We dont’ want to live on this planet any more.

People Are All Kinds of Smart on Facebook

Make Me a Sandwich B*tch

So here’s how this works: find tweets with a phrase similar to ‘make me a sandwich bitch’, take a screenshot of it, then pair it with a screen shot of a tweet from the same profile. …

Social Media Shouldn’t Be For Everyone

Idiots Who Got Arrested Because of Facebook

People who over share on Facebook are quite possible the most annoying people on the internet, but even they know when not to share something. These idiots shared a few things that got them arrested, …

Unfortunate Middle Class Problems

Pretend Drug Deal

So this tweet was put out to the universe:   And here are the results: