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Rad Vinyl Art

Artist Daniel Edlen paints images of famous musicians on vinyl records. Pretty rad!

‘Dance Bitch’ Breaking Bad Dubstep Mix

If you miss the word ‘bitch’ coming from the mouth of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, look no further than this song. Dance, bitch!

Kanye West Goes on an All Caps Rage

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Kanye West’s bizarre BBC radio interview on his show, and Kanye was not happy. Oh no. Kanye took to Twitter and went into an all caps rage, blasting Kimmel. The offendi…

Good Guy Macklemore

Macklemore has been pretty popular over the last few years, but Macklemore has been especially been popular on the interwebs. He has become a meme called Good Guy Macklemore. Enjoy.

Ridiculous Riders Musicians Have Asked For

Prince Coffee and tea setup, including honey, lemon, sugar, cream, fresh ginger root. Physician will be used to administer a B-12 injection.   Nine Inch Nails Two boxes of corn starch.   Rih…

The Worst Album Covers Ever

Must Watch: I Go Big on the Weekend, I Go T-Rex

This is one of our favorite songs to play on Fridays. We know it’s pretty old but we wanted to share and make sure you all you big on the weekend.  

Jay-Z’s 99 Problems Illustrated

Jay Z claims to have 99 Problems but he never tells us what they are. Now we have a Tumblr that tells us exactly what those problems are. Here are some of Jay Z’s problems illustrated.

Watch Skrillex Knock Himself Out on Stage

Oh Skrillex this brings joy to oh so many people. Wub Wub Wub Womp Womp Wub

Flame Breathing Bagpiper Playing AC/DC Thunderstruck

This is the Badpiper and he’s cooler than you’ll ever be. Yep he rocks a kilt, bag pipes and plays AC/DC. Oh did we mention his bagpipe set is also a flame thrower? That’s right be i…

20 Cats Living up to Kanye’s Yeezus Lyrics

The Things You Missed From Las Vegas EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival just happened this weekend and here’s a quick visual recap of what happened.

Happening Now: Andrew W.K. Playing Drums for 24 Hours

Andrew W.K. the man who partys like no one else can and the man that is also known for is music is going to attempt to play the drums for 24 hours straight. You can catch the laste few hours of it wit…

Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail Announcement Video

Jay-Z is getting ready to release a new album and has been working with Rick Rubin, if you haven’t heard of him he’s produced and been apart of almost every single song you’ve ever h…

16 Bizzare Kanye West Lyrics from Yeezus

So there’s two ways this could all be going down. Kanye can either be going bat shit crazy and lost his mind, or this could be a giant prank he is pulling on all of us. We personally like to thi…

Lonely Island: Spell it Out

Fresh new Lonely Island. This is for you smart kids out there who know how to spell. If you missed earlier this week we posted Go Kindergarten you can watch here as usual it’s another awesome v…

New Music Video With Hot Girls Playing Dodgeball

Autoerotique has a new music video for their song called Asphyxiation. Sure the song is pretty cool but wouldn’t you just rather see hot girls playing dodgeball? Good, because here are a few g…

The Lonely Island – Go Kindergarten (Dance Rehearsal)

Alright so The Lonely Island doesn’t need much of an introduction at all and as usual this song is ridiculous and pretty random. For those of you who don’t know Robin Thicke or the referen…

Hayley Williams of Paramore Sings with Street Performer

Gotta love it when celebrities have a little fun, this is awesome only if more musicians did this.

Your Middle School Librarian Slays ‘Sabotage’ at Karaoke

Check out this video from Live Music Blog. Probably one of the best things we’ve ever seen happen at karaoke.