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20 People Sharing Too Much on Facebook

Some People just share way too much on Facebook and it’ oddly funny.

Sometimes You Just Fail on Facebook

What is the worst thing you can ask after sex?

A couple of days ago we asked “what is the worst thing you can say right after sex?” Here are some of your responses that you all posted on Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to c…

Guy Changes Status to “In A Relationship” Chaos Happens

Well all know the most entertaining thing to do on Facebook is to stalk people you want to date, the second most entertaining thing to do is mess with your friends that change their relationship statu…

Facebook is Full of Idiots

We dont’ want to live on this planet any more.

Social Media Shouldn’t Be For Everyone

Some People Don’t Deserve Facebook

It’s not a right, it’s a privilege

Stupid People on Facebook

Facebook Fails

Most Awkward Moments on Facebook

35 Best Facebook Fails

Facebook Where Idiots Breed Ideas

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People Who Should Not Be Allowed on Facebook

Ads On Facebook are Just Weird

Ever notice how really odd facebook ads can be?

Facebook/Photoshop Fail

We can’t believe no one noticed that horrendous photoshop job. Youth of America we’re worried!

Facebook Fails

Oh Facebook….

Chairs are like Facebook…WTF??

Have you seen Facebook’s new campaign The Things that Connect Us? It’s ridiculous, “chairs are like Facebook”. Umm….what does that even mean?? I can get the concept behin…

Ridiculous Things Posted On Facebook

Sometimes your’re just surprised by the things people post on Facebook…and depending on the person you’re not surprised at all. Either way here’s a small collections of thing p…