I Tried These Toys For You!  

We’ve all passed or been inside an adult store and the gadgets available are getting more high tech every year! Since you can’t sample the toys at the store (Don’t.. I tried that and I now have to register as a sex offender)

Since you can’t hear my tone of voice I feel I should throw in a “kidding.” To save you the point on your record I tried a batch of new sex toys and I’m sharing my findings with YOU!! ;-p

Try them for yourself:


Best Toys

Your favorite virtual sexpert,

Erika Jordan

Babes Interviewing Babes by Erika Jordan  

I mostly post pictures but with the holidays approaching I realized I can’t let you miss out! Nothing compares to actually being face to face with some of the most beautiful women in the world but I’m bringing you the next best thing. Live video!


KNEKT, who just won the 2016 iMedia Campaign of the Year, for the live broadcast of the Make A Wish Foundation, Power of a  Wish Gala, returned to help support the Midnight Mission raise awareness and donations by broadcasting the 9th Annual Babes in Toyland Charity Toy Drive, hosted by some of the most beautiful women in America. Caitlin O’Connor hosted the evening and not only found out who was naughty and nice this year, but uncovered some of the women’s secrets… and not just what toy they brought to donate.
KNEKT Television is a division of, an award winning Los Angeles based production and live streaming company. The focus is producing world class live and pre-recorded HD broadcasts from exclusive events, concerts, performances, charity galas, fundraisers and red carpet shows, as well as developing and producing film and TV shows. Clients & partners range from top charting recording artists to Fortune 500 Companies and charities.
Check out the BABES CHANNEL: #BabesInToyland



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REWIRE YOUR BRAIN by Erika Jordan  

Our brain can be our best friend. It remembers evidence that confirms our beliefs and decisions and it blocks out as much as possible of what challenges our beliefs. You might think this is a useful survival mechanism and it can be but it can also be the reason you continuously fail at relationships.

When you have a series of failures this becomes a pattern. The culprit varies, perhaps it was a coincidence, perhaps you come on too strong or hit the breaks when it comes time to commit. Whatever the case is you now have created a belief. “I never meet anyone I’d like to commit too” “I always say the wrong thing and mess everything up.” These little nagging beliefs will reek havoc on your life if you don’t take the time clean out the storage closet in your brain you will continue your destructive patterns.

This is not going to be easy.. The brain is stubborn and persistent. Studies have shown that a part of the thinking brain practically shuts down when being subjected to the opposing argument regarding something you feel strongly about. (Like politics) What will help you the most is simply redirecting.

You’re lying in bed stressing out about the date you have tomorrow. You’re going to make an ass of yourself.. You always do.. What’s the point of even trying.. The more you think the more you create and the more you fight it the more the thought will linger in your mind. Abort the mission and think of a movie you liked. Think of something that recently made you happy and focus on that. What good can possibly come of you stressing out about the date? With enough stress nerve cells in the hippocampus literally shrivel up and die.

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Repetition is everything so you won’t need to just hit the gym every day for 2 months to be fit you need to keep going so when these nagging thoughts come into your brain it will require redirecting and no matter how many times you redirect you’ll be doing it again sometime soon.

Argh.. what a pain.. who wants to do all that work? Isn’t it easier to claim the universe is guiding us into misery and maybe we deserve it or God has some master plan for us that involves a life time of disappointment first?

Uh, no… You need to expect more from yourself. All of the things you keep complaining about that just KEEP HAPPENING? You are doing them to yourself.. it’s the hardest concept to grasp.. but once you accept that you can be you’re own worst enemy and do the work to rewire your mind.. The outcome is more beautiful and bright than you could possibly imagine

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Supermodel Ivy Ferguson by Erika Jordan  

No better way to start the weekend than with gorgeous Ivy Ferguson!
k 1010782_10156396387750445_3797717767310045136_nivyferguson_fbg_8343
BMG: You have a fantastic look! Have you always been this beautiful?
IF: Thank you very much! Not exactly… I went through several fazes until I reached the age of 17.  That is when I discovered my modeling career.  
BMG: What do you like best about modeling?
IF: I couldn’t pick just one thing… The makeup/hair & getting all dolled up for starters! I love how it empowers me as a woman! Feeling confident and adored by many…
BMG:Tell us a little more.. If you could describe yourself in one sentence what would you say.
IF: Passionate, romantic, a lover of all animals.
BMG: How did you get started?
IF: When I was 17 I entered a swimsuit contest put on by a UK magazine called the “Swimsuit Shoot Off”. I ended up placing 3rd in Peoples Choice and 5th in the overall contest, I was featured in the magazine and since then my career has really taken off!
BMG: Describe the perfect weekend.
IF: I am filled with Wanderlust! So a weekend getaway filled with a few adventurous hikes would about do it beautifully for me!
BMG: Describe the perfect date
IF: A great vegetarian curry dinner and to a rock show of course!
BMG: If a genie could grant you 3 wishes what would they be?
1) That all homeless animals would have a chance to find a forever home.
2) To see all magical places there are on this planet.
3) To grant me a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
BMG: What is your goal for next year?
IF: My goal is to be as fit and in top shape for every photo shoot and interview that comes my way.
BMG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
IF: A confident business woman owning my own brand of cruelty-free cosmetics.
BMG: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened this year?
IF: I had a photo-shoot at the Grand Canyon (My favorite place in the world) this past summer, It was a 6 hour hike to and from the shooting location. On the hike back up post shooting in pitch darkness (With dead flashlights) there came a lightning storm with flash floods. It was terrifying to say the least when I had to leave the photographer behind at his request because he was not feeling good and needed to rest, the only receivable cell service was at the top rim and I ended up having to call the park rangers for help. Once I arrived at the top I realized that I had no keys to the car and that they were with the photographer! Sp I waited for two hours at the top in the poring rain (Especially during monsoon) on and off the phone with park rangers. Luckily just when I thought that this might not turn out to be a good outcome, my photographer shows up! Fewfffff….. 
BMG: Of all the things you’ve done so far which gets the trophy for “best experience.”
IF: I say probably the Grand Canyon experience for the adventure it was! Of course, when Playboy reached out to me for shoot with them it was an absolute trophy moment.

ivyferguson_fbg_3983-2 10501870_691204060997002_759362381662994893_nhThank you for taking the time to chat with us!!

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Eden Levine – Curvy Latina by Erika Jordan  

Curves are in and very few display them as effortlessly and flawlessly as Eden Levine, the more you know about her the more you’ll love her!image2

BMG: What has been your favorite job so far?

EL: Every job is different and I

love everything. But I love the jobs where I get to travel.

BMG: What’s the craziest things you’ve ever done?

EL: Hahahaha, wouldn’t you

want to know ?

we really would….

BMG: How did you get started in the business?

EL: A photographer asked to take

my pics and I uploaded them to Model Mayhem and things kinda just took

off from there

BMG: How can a man get your attention?

EL: Be genuine and respectful

BMG: Describe the perfect weekend.

EL: It would depend on my mood. Some

weekends I wouldn’t mind going somewhere quiet with a special someone,

filled with massages, and pampering. Other weekends, I wouldn’t mind

letting lose and going out on the town, shopping, fine dining,

dancing, etc.

BMG: Describe the perfect date.

EL: What we do is less significant than how we

get along. I think chemistry is very important. If the conversation

just flows and you feel at ease with that person and finish each

other’s sentences, that’s a big plus.

BMG: Where can we find you on social media?

EL: Everywhere haha. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter find me under eden_levine and my personal FB is Eden

Levine and my model Page is @edenlevinemodel or

BMG: How do you plan on finishing the year? Any new projects.. trips


EL: I would love to have another big trip soon, but we only have

a month left so I don’t think that’s going to happen lol. Other than

that, I’m mainly focusing on building my fan base and keeping my

sponsors happy. I manage everything on my own and filter through

various offers, but I’m very selective in this phase of my career.

Eventually, I want to promote my own products and have my own


image3 Eden Levine

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!!

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Raquel Pomplun: Actress, Model, Host by Erika Jordan  

Raquel Pomplun literally does it all! She is a dreamer with her feet on the ground that is setting sail to a dynamic and full of surprises career in the acting and modeling industries. Stay tuned for more #Pomplunation
image4 image5
BMG: We loved you in The Gambler with Mark Whalberg what has been your best role so far?
RP: Aside from The Gambler, I truly enjoy doing my first horror film as Katie on the independent film “The Taker.” It was a great experience and something completely different to what I had done primarily, which was comedy.

BMG: What has been your favorite job so far?
RP: Acting! Don’t get me wrong, I love modeling and hosting radio, but acting and being on set is so much fun and it gives you an opportunity to connect with sides of you you didn’t know. Also, there’s something about the set life that you just enjoy a lot, it’s like your set family at that moment.

BMG: What’s the craziest things you’ve ever done?
RP: Zip lining in the mountains of Costa Rica, and also the rapids and rappelling in Costa Rica, specially me being so scared of heights. 

BMG: How did you get started in the business?
RP: I was a centerfold for Playboy, and that just opened an immense number of doors of opportunity to acting, modeling and hosting. 

BMG: How can a man get your attention?
RP: A man can get my attention by being courteous and funny. Also by not trying to hard, just be your natural self. 

BMG: Describe the perfect weekend.
RP: Friday night movies, Saturday morning hike, Saturday afternoon nap, Saturday night out dancing, Sunday brunch and just chill after that! 

BMG: Describe the perfect date
RP: Dinner and a movie! 

BMG: Where can we find you on social media?
RP: @Rpomplun for Facebook, twitter and instagram; @RaquelPomplun for snapchat and vine.

BMG: How do you plan on finishing the year? Any new projects.. trips planned?
RP: I plan to finish my year really prepared to start 2017 running on my acting career. I’ll be ready to conquer the big screen! Oh yes! And I’ll receive 2017 in Hong Kong ?

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!!

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How To Reignite Your Sex Life After An Election by Erika Jordan  


You voted for Trump (how could you?) she voted for Hillary (why?) the last few weeks have been one political debate after another and the only action happening in your bedroom is on the tv screen.

The bomb has hit, the ashes have fallen and now you have two choices.. You can get a divorce and continue the drama or you can take the steps required to change “oh my god, how could you” into “oh my god do it again.”

Follow these 6 steps to bring your sex life back to life!

1.Tell your partner 3 things you appreciate about them every day.

2. Do something fun together. Preferably something you haven’t done together. (Play mini golf, go paint ball shooting, escape room, etc)

3. If it’s possible, leave the phone at home, in the car or turn it off during meals or movies or important conversations.

4.Ever heard of hate sex? Hate and love are next door neighbors at times. Anyone in a relationship for 10 years can verify there are moments when you hate your spouse. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s normal and doesn’t have to lead to problems. Anger means adrenaline. Use that rush to your advantage, avoid uttering the harsh words and accusations, don’t be cruel to each other. Instead, feel the erotic possibilities in the energy pulsing through your angry body.

5. Share a laugh. Go watch a comedy show or a funny movie. Whatever it takes to get you both laughing. Not only will this help your relationship heal it will do the same for you.

6. Some women need to make a closing “anger statement” before they can move on. Let her have the last word. it means nothing in the grand scheme of things. If you’re going to be in a relationship with a woman you’ll need to learn when to just bite your tongue.. You can get the last word and always be right.. or you can get blow jobs

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How To Make Her Sign A Prenup by Erika Jordan  

Yeah!! You’re getting married and it might actually work out… But, what if it doesn’t.. What if you catch her with your best friend and then she tries to take half your stuff, the dog and the house…

Romance and prenups are never said in the same sentence so pulling this off will be tricky. If possible I wouldn’t recommend it at all but if you’re rich or just plain paranoid cause you met her on Here is what you should do..

Do It Early

I mean before the engagement early.. Once you’ve popped the question the fairy tale begins and you don’t want to ruin it with hey I’m thinking about what happens when we break up. When you’re on your knee, or suspiciously watching our every bite of cheesecake—however the proposal happens—we want to know what kind of marriage we’re saying yes to. If you want an open relationship this is something you’d discuss during the first 3-5 dates. Treat your need for a prenup the same way.

Draft a Prenup

Sit her down and tell her you want to discuss your and her financial expectations for the marriage. Frame it in terms of what you both want to “share” with each other, then let her know what you won’t be sharing. “You have to be really open about it and have an honest discussion. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship so you should be able to discuss anything with compassion. Whatever you agree on, you should draft it together. With your lawyers, of course.

Pay for Her Lawyer

You ask her for a prenup—the cost of which might be five, ten, or twenty grand for two lawyers? You pay both bills. Expect to pay about 20k


Do Not Blame Your Friends or Parents

My best friend George and his wife signed pre-nups is not a good tactic.. If they jumped off a cliff would you do the same?

Don’t Overdo It

I can’t gain more than 10 pounds unless pregnant? If I cheat I need to buy you a Mercedes? No.. Keep it simple

Don’t Just Talk About It— Sign the Damn Thing

Once it’s signed. Never talk about it again. Glass of wine?


Ask Yourself Again.. Do You Really Need This?

Will this ruin your soon to be marriage? I for one would feel like someone poured a bucket of ice water over my head. It’s pretty much the most unromantic concept and it eliminates much of the excitement for me. What makes sky diving so exciting is that moment before the shoot opens when you wonder if you’ll survive.

Are you Bill Gates and you’re dating Prius the stripper of the week from Bare Ladies? If you aren’t a millionaire protecting your paycheck from the woman you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with doesn’t bode well. To us ladies, it seems like moron insurance. That your reasoning is “Just in case I fuck up.” Or you question her intentions. Which would make any woman question who, exactly, she’s marrying. When you add up the lawyer fees, the emotional costs, and the potential damage to long-term trust, you might wish you’d just let it ride. Like we do with your nosy mother.

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5 Signs To Know You’re Really Satisfying Her by Erika Jordan  


She’s groaning and moaning and you can’t help but give yourself a mental five but is she really satisfied or is she pulling a When Harry Met Sally moment?

Let me start off by saying how many orgasms a woman has is not always a direct indicator of how satisfied she is. Some women have never had one while others have them accidentally during spin class. You need to be tuning in to what she likes. The words she likes to hear, body parts she wants you to focus on, pressure, situations that arouse her, positions and so much more.

She’s looking at you.

For a woman eye contact during sex can be an intense. A tell tale sign of genuine attraction and arousal is when you can see it in her eyes. Obviously that doesn’t apply if she’s looking you in the eye with the “what the heck are you doing?” look on her face.

She initiates sex.

If she wants it chances are she must like it. Unless the long awaited zombie apocalypse occurred and you’re the last man on earth. In which case she’s probably just trying to do her part to ensure the human race continues.

What was that?!?

You’re going for the gold when she makes a noise that isn’t sexy. Not a moan or groan but an involuntary primal sound that shows noises she isn’t approving are escaping her lips. I tend to make an odd growling noise on occasion when I’m in the midst of passion. In this moment I’m no longer concerned what I look or sound like. These moments let you know her arousal is genuine and not some epic act.

Tune in to her breath.

The breath is almost always a dead give away (unless she just needs her inhalor) The faster and shorter the breath the more intense the sensation she’s feeling.

Her friends give you “the look.”

Most women share details of their love lives with their friends. If they look at you like they feel sorry for you it’s time to be concerned. If they giggle and look impressed you might be packing a brag worthy technique.

The best thing to remember is that the most important thing is a genuine effort and desire to please your girl.

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Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach



What To Do When She Plays Hard To Get by Erika Jordan  

Let’s be honest.. People play games.. Some conscious and others without even realizing it. The most common is the cat and mouse chase many women have at one point provided. Flirtatious and full of promise to lure you in and distant and aloof when you start to warm up. When you’re locked and loaded and she suddenly appears to be blowing you off there is a way to retaliate.

WALK AWAY. If she wants to play the “I could take it or leave it” game, it’s time to show her you know that game and are the undefeated champion.

This means you might walk away and she continues walking away and then you never see each other again… Making it difficult not to turn back but when it comes to situations like this in most cases if you come running back, she now has the power and you will proceed to continue this hot / cold cycle.

If she’s consistently playing hard to get it helps to keep in mind many women are raised to be that way and most think it’s the best way to keep a man interested. They happen to often be right. A man is wired to chase. Men are designed to hunt and spread their seed. The high attained from pursuing and successfully pursuing a beautiful woman is equivalent to a line of cocaine. Playing hard to get also helps eliminate some of the men just looking for a one night stand.

If she always takes a day to respond to a text take her lead and do the same. Let her know you’re perfectly fine with it and you might notice the response time improving. It shows confidence and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

When I play hard to get I drop bread crumbs. A woman loves to be pursued and extending the pursuit just makes the feast even sweeter..



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How Do You Know You Love Her by Erika Jordan  

Is it love??

If these 9 things apply to you, you’ve been struck by Cupid

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Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach


1. When you fall in love you’ll find yourself wanting to make more money, get better at Scrabble because it’s her favorite game, and help the old lady across the street. She makes you want to be better in every way.

2. You still care if your team wins but you’re willing to miss games.

3. You want her to be happy. You actually take her happiness into consideration before making a decision.

4. You talk about her to your friends.

5. You want to impress her. You wear your best shoes and take her to the best restaurants. You’re motivated by how her eyes light up when she smiles.

6. The girl at bar has a nice rack.. but you find yourself thinking “my girl is so much better.”

7. You can’t get enough. You want her there when you’re happy, sad, tired, sick. You know practically all there is to know about her, and most of it is great.

8. You’re scared. You fear losing her or keeping her. You’re scared of commitment and everything it entails. Are you ready? What if it ends up like the last one? But deep down, you know you’re going for it anyway.

9. She sneaks into your mind all day and night.. “I wonder what she’s doing?” You find yourself looking for excuses to call or text her.

You my friend got a case of the love bug.. Treat accordingly ?

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Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach



Top 10 Funniest Dating Memes by Erika Jordan  

October is in full swing! Filled with pumpkin everything and an endless supply of hilarious memes!

These are the top 10 most hilarious dating memes this month!!



images-1 alcohol-meme br4hoe0cqaek_ok funny-dating-meme-first-date-just-ended-picture happy-birthday-meme-for-girls i-havent-been-on-a-date-in-four-months-funny-dating-meme-picture tumblr_ny0lg2p0zz1u0vfdjo1_1280 yyblh


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8 Ways To Be A Better Boyfriend by Erika Jordan  

If you incorporate these 8 tips into your daily routine your love life will THRIVE!

img_1561-bromygod1.Lay off the “how was your day?”

It’s generic and usually results with a “Good. How was yours?” Ask questions that show you listen and care. If she had a meeting today you might say. “How did you feel about the meeting today?”


2.When you go out to dinner leave your cell phone in the car.


Yes.. You’ll survive.. and don’t just unhinge your jaw and swallow your meal to speed things along. We survived millions of years without cell phones and you’ll be just fine for a few hours while you actually enjoy communicating and enjoying the company of your date.


3.Expectations lead to disappointment.

When you want to have sex every Friday, hope she makes dinner tonight or expect her not bring home the milk you’re creating situations in which if she forgets or fails to read your mind you are unhappy with them. Stop expecting and start appreciating. If you focus on the good more good will happen.


Throw a party, host an event or complete a project together. It shows you’re a team and gives her the impression you can tackle the world together.


5.Do you boo boo… Do you.

Once a month do something with yourself, just for you. Take a golf trip, grill meat and drink beer. Do whatever you feel like doing to unwind and just eliminate all pressure. The constant build up of pressure can lead to an explosion causing you to want to bail.


6.Don’t go to bed angry isn’t just an old wives tale.

Come to a conclusion of some kind, go to separate rooms and calm down, forgive and have a round of make up sex!


7.You can be right or you can be happy.

Game Of Thrones is the best show ever.. She hates it. You make her watch it, you plead your case and you question your compatibly now that you realize you can’t share the joy of watching your favorite show. Before you turn anything into an issue, ask yourself “will this matter tomorrow?” You will disagree on things constantly and an occasional dispute can keep things interesting but constant arguments mostly come from egos. This desire to always be right is going to create anarchy in your relationship. Words are powerful and the phrase, “maybe you’re right” will save you time, frustration and keep you from resenting each other.


8.Let me hammer this in a little deeper..

Words are powerful. You will dislike things your partner does and in an effort to communicate and improve the relationship you will try to direct your partner to do as you wish. “You leave the milk out all day every time! How can you be so stupid?” There is a big difference between constructive criticism and an attack. “It makes me so happy when you remember to put away the milk.” would be a much better way of going about it.

Simple things that when done together will take your relationship to another level!

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Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Hot Sauce by Erika Jordan  

Wait what?!

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Am I suggesting you drizzle hot sauce on her body and lick it off like she’s a Hooter’s hot wing? You could if she doesn’t mind the stinging but what I’m really suggesting is you consume it during and before the action.

Why would I do that? Won’t you get heart burn and indigestion? If that’s how you react to spicy food that’s unfortunate.. For the rest of us..


Capsaicin is an active ingredient in peppers that not only makes the peppers spicy but has numerous added benefits for you and your sex life.

Here are a few….

Improves Your Personality

Statistically speaking hot pepper eaters were more open to new experiences and taking risks.


Spicy Food Gives Your Sexier Lips

I own a lip plumper with cinnamon and cayenne pepper and it makes my lips (temporarily) plump and delicious. You will feel a tingling / pulsating sensation as your lips slightly swell.


Eliminate Acne

The antioxidants found in peppers help reduce blemishes by destroying impurities that damage skin and are rich in nutrients to provide nourishment.


Turn Up The Libido

Your libido will burst into flames as the capsaicin increases your chances of achieving an erection. Capsaicin is a mild blood thinner, and has been shown to reduce platelet aggregation in lab studies. This makes it a natural Viagra and men dealing with erectile dysfunction are told to take cayenne pepper on a regular basis.


Forget The Protein!

Well.. don’t actually forget the protein but add this epic muscle recovery trick to the routine! Spicy foods like red pepper flakes can help alleviate minor pain from sprains and strains. Capsaicin can also been found in topical creams to help soothe sore muscles and joints.


Stop Aging!

Ok it doesn’t really do that.. If you know of anything that does, let me know.. but it does SLOW DOWN aging!

Capsaicin is designed to overpower a cell signal linked to kick-starting inflammation and other skin-wrinkling conditions. Some types of hot sauce are high in beta-carotene which helps prevent night blindness and other eye problems, skin disorders, enhances immunity, protects against toxins and cancer formations, colds, flu, and infections. It is an antioxidant and a protector of the cells. It is also important in the formation of bones and teeth.


The Sinus Remedy

A popular remedy for colds and allergies consists of boiled water, honey, lemon, and a few drops of Tabasco.


Can Be Used As A Hair Growth Treatment

There is a story some tell around the campfire.. They say the capsaicin in hot sauce it can stimulate circulation in the scalp and trigger hair growth.

Attempt at your own risk..


Shreds The Fat

It’s no coincidence the Master Cleanse (the cleanse of all cleanses) has cayenne pepper in it. It can curb your hunger and assist in weight loss while feeding the body vitamin C to speed up your metabolism.


The Anti-Depressant

Confidence is everything. So, have some hot sauce! This will initiate the release of endorphins in the brain and produce a feeling of comfort that fights depression. A good source of vitamin B6 and magnesium, this “natural diuretic” can help tame hypertension.



I must be kidding? Is there anything spicy food can’t do!? Some scientists suggest that the plant is capable of reducing the risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

Need I go on? Bring on the hot sauce..

Erika Jordan August 6, 2016

Erika Jordan August 6, 2016

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8 Signs You Should Leave Her Alone by Erika Jordan  

fullsizerender-2You know women like to be pursued, but when is it time to throw in the towel and call it a loss? I’m going to tell you.. but remember there are too many variables for any rule to apply to all but these guidelines, although not fun to hear, can save you from ending up on  Tinder Nightmares.

First of all let’s get your expectations in check! Not every girl will be attracted to you. When you’re pursuing a girl you expect to get more when you give more. You buy her dinner, take her shopping and rub her feet then expect her to let you slip your hand up her skirt. Stop that. You can’t make a girl like you. She either likes you and your princess treatments makes her swoon or she doesn’t like you and she’s texting her boyfriend while she’s trying on that dress you got.

  1. Never send more than 3 texts without a response. Nothing says “I have no life” quicker than a text at 1pm, 2pm, 2:45, 3:12…. Stop yourself when you pick up the phone to text “hi” for the 6th time today or decide to engage in a conversation with her without her response while you attempt to translate her silence.
  2. She’s made excuses all 5 times you asked her out without offering up a back up option.
  3. She’s constantly talking about other guys.
  4. Be honest with yourself. If it takes you 4 emails, 5 phone calls and 12 texts over the course of 10 days to get 1 response from her she’s just not that into you.
  5. If she is pursuing a friend of yours let it run it’s course before you try to work your magic.
  6. If you sit next to her and she gets up to sit some place else, abort the mission.
  7. If she explicitly rejects you. If she looks you in the eye and says “I’m not interested,” (or something like that) you should believe her. At that point she would need to come around on her own, no amount of increased effort will genuinely change how she feels.
  8. Don’t burn the bridge! So many guys get angry when they get rejected and this is a big mistake! Just because you’re not her cup of tea doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a friend you should meet or can introduce you to a new work opportunity. Your anger comes from your ego and it’s only limiting your options.

You can’t always get what you want but you sure as hell can increase your chances! Start the conversation today at

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Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach



Four Steps To Reveal Your Baggage by Erika Jordan  


Everyone has little secrets.. Things that can be held against us or keep people from wanting to date us. The cats going to come out of the bag eventually so you need to take matters into your own hands and dish the dirt under your own terms. When is the right time to admit you have a restraining order against your ex, you spent time in jail or you’re on TV every night doing risqué movies on HBO?

First of all ask yourself, is your secret old or irrelevant? If you’re just telling her to make yourself feel better then keep it for your therapist. There is no good reason to offer up the story about getting arrested for public intoxication on your 21st birthday. You might feel that this is a big part of your story and you want her to know every detail before she sees the viral video on YouTube.

This is a tricky dilemma, you don’t want to tell them so soon that they immediately stereotype and eliminate you but you don’t want to wait so long that it appears you were being dishonest or it derails your political aspirations. Each situation is unique but on average I suggest slowly revealing your little demons around date 3-7. If there is more than one thing don’t just pour it on her all at once. Let them get to know you and as they do there will be good and bad. Just make sure the good outweighs the bad.

Step 1. Be comfortable. Wait until the conversation is flowing at dinner or while walking in the park. Someplace stress free (not the car) with minimal distractions.

Step 2. Timing is everything. Lead up to your reveal with a compliment or positive statement. “Good choice on this restaurant the food is delicious.”

Step 3. Mention what you learned from the experience and how far removed you are from it now. Talk about the aftermath and the damage control involved. “I went to anger management for 6 months.”

Step 4. Explain how she can keep dating you without worrying about taking on your baggage. “My ex wife takes all 6 kids on the weekend.” If the secret is in the past close things off with a reference to how far behind you that event is. “I haven’t done any hard core drugs since 2006.”

Be prepared that your confession might lead to the end of your relationship but that’s ok! It’s not about finding a person without baggage it’s about finding a person who’s baggage is compatible with yours.



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