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The Afternoon Break

15 Golden Books We Wish We Had Growing Up

We all read the Little Golden Books as a kid in school or at home. But what if they made them for adults? Those Little Golden Books would be pretty awesome. Reading these for kids at story time would …

Oh the Wonderful Fails of the Day

The Afternoon Break

Some Days Are Full of Fail

Advertising Done the Right Way

Daily WTF: How Do You Want Your Burger Cooked!?

The Mid Week Mental Break

Yup Totally Nailed it

Union Street Guest House Hotel Gets Trolled by the Internet

The Union Street Guest House thought it would be a good idea to fine people $500 for posting negative reviews on the internet about their “classy” establishment. It all started when Page …

The Afternoon Break

We Miss College

Daily WTF: Only at Wal-Mart

The Afternoon Break

Let’s Ease Into Monday