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More Breaking Bad, Keep Typing Bitch!

Stephen forces Vince Gilligan to continue writing “Breaking Bad” episodes because “Breaking Bad” isn’t over until Stephen says it is. Keep typing bitch!!

Sometimes Captions Say it All

Afternoon Break: Not Sure if I Like or Dislike

Most Perfect Names Ever

It’s the Wrong Time to Visit Washington D.C.

If you had a trip planned for Washington D.C. the US Government Shutdown just about ruined it for you. If your anything like this guy you’re trying to have a good time with it and at least take …

Kid Logic

Kids are little tiny crazies

Science So True It’s Fake

I’m a Nascar Driver!

After watching this video I believe she’s a Nascar driver. Shit if you even wait for it she wins the World Series. Annie thank you for being a good sport and allowing this to be on internet you …

Mean While Some Where in Russia

Time for a random awesome video from Russia. Remember everyone In soviet Russia kite flies you.

Afternoon Break: Don’t Die a Virgin

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Strange Products That Didn’t Work out

You Done Fu*ked Up

Yep, you failed  

Proof That Bunnies Can Fly

If you needed proof that bunnies can fly, here it is! Sure it’s not a traditional means of flying but it happened.

Daily WTF: Get Well Soon

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Expectations Vs. Reality

Those Dirty Minds Give Em a High Five

Kanye West Goes on an All Caps Rage

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Kanye West’s bizarre BBC radio interview on his show, and Kanye was not happy. Oh no. Kanye took to Twitter and went into an all caps rage, blasting Kimmel. The offendi…

Daily WTF: Uh Oh Broken Computer

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South Park’s Most Offensive Episodes

Oh South Park, you never cease to amaze in your offensiveness. So wrong it’s right! Imaginationland Trilogy Scott Tenorman Must Die It’s a Jersey Thing Crack Baby Athletic Association HUMA…

Work Sucks. Pranks Make It OK.