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Could Not Stop Laughing at These Texts

This is probably the greatest texting troll we’ve ever seen. Apparently this manager at a TGI Friday’s takes customer service very seriously and gives out a cell phone number where people …

Daily WTF: This Sh*t is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

And you’re welcome that song is now stuck in your head. Hope you’re enjoying the bananas and the daily wtf on this awesome Sunday. If you have some awesome photos to share shoot them over …

Daily WTF: Time to Party Hard

Somedays you just party hard maybe a little too hard. But what’s life with out that part of you that tells you to party hard right? If you end up with any awesome photos from a party send them o…

Caturday Morning Cats

Afternoon Break Here’s the Weekend

Time for that afternoon break, it’s pretty much the weekend have fun and party!   

We Miss College…

We miss college and all the activities that come with it. Rush week, weekend parties, sleeping in through classes accidentally. The list goes on and on, but we all know college is a blast and there so…

Daily WTF: Don’t Mess with My Lunch

Hope you all are enjoying your Friday! Enjoy the day and the weekend, if you have some awesome photos to share in the daily wtf send them on over!

Boy, That Escalated Quickly

Chewbacca and His Eloquent Quotes

Such an eloquent wookie! GGGAAAARRRGGGG – Chewbacca RRARRRGGGJJJJJ – Chewbacca WWWAAGHAHAHAHAHA – Chewbacca GAAAAAAAA – Chewbacca RRRRWWWAAAAA – Chewbacca GRAAHHHHAH R…

Celebrities with Miley Cyrus’s Tongue

Oh Miley Cyrus, your tongue is so creepy.

Don’t You Dare Work Out Through The Afternoon Break

The afternoon break is here please enjoy responsibly.

People Can Be oh so Evil

People can be so evil, but it can be so funny and entertaining.

Daily WTF: How and Why!?

Not sure how or why you would let a lady burn your dick with hot sauce but we couldn’t stop laughing when we got this email. If you have an awesome image you want to share send it over to info@b…

Modeling…You’re Doing it Wrong

Nope a Whole Lot of Nope

Nope just a whole lot of nope, don’t even get me near any of this stuff