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Best Facebook Moments

I know there’s a lot of this stuff around, but we think we have some internet gold here. Check out these awesomely bad (and some awesomely good) Facebook moments:    

Dad Does Some Parenting on Facebook

Don’t talk shit on your parents if they work in IT enough said! Trust us when we say watch till the end it’s just awesome lol.

Facebook Redesign They Jumped the Shark?

We at Bro My God are all a little annoyed with the new Facebook timeline thing. And if our newsfeeds are accurate, pretty much everyone else hates it too. Jake and Amir, the hilarious pair from Colleg…

Don’t Mess With Cab Drivers

What happens when a douche refuses to pay a cabbie then leaves his phone in the cab? This:

Facebook Terms Translated to Bro-Speak…Awesome!

So Miles Lothe was either bored enough, or just bad-ass enough to translate the whole Facebook terms and service into bro-speak. Either way this is awesome-now us bros can understand what hell F…