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Guy Crushes His Best Friends Car After he Takes his Girl

Best friend or not, taking your buddies girl is just down right evil. Nothing good can ever happen from this just learn a lesson or two from this guy. This guy found out the news and plotted out his r…

Girl Live Tweets a Super Awkward First Date

Ever been on a super awkward first date? It most likely wasn’t as awkward as this one.

11-Year-Old Break Up Text Comes With a Brutal Burn

Childhood breakups normally aren’t too bad. Maybe someone had one too many boogers or they had cooties…In this case Joey sounds like a player and his girl wasn’t having it. She ultim…

Texting Exes Who Are Clearly Never Getting Back Together

Texting Exes…it happens usually when you’re drunk, but if you’re sober and doing it, what is wrong with you?

Break Ups Are Crazy and Some People are Bat Shit Crazy

Break Ups Are Bad Some are Just Insane

Angry Girlfriend Dumps All Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Products in Water

When this woman found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her, there was only one reasonable solution…Throw all the Apple products in the bath tub! It started with what looks like an Apple displa…

How To Pick Up Girls with Odd Drawings

Matt Christensen started making these odd drawings to pick up girls. It’s a whole lot of creepy and a whole lot of sweet. So far he is batting .000 no one has taken him up for a date. If we hea…

The Juggalos Of OkCupid

Despite their appearance, Juggalos are a lot like normal human beings who just want someone to share their lives (and Faygo) with. Would you give these well-meaning wicked clowns the time of day? With…

Girl Text Pranks Her Boyfriend on April Fools Day and it Was a Total Fail

Girl text pranks her boyfriend on April Fools Day, and well, it didn’t go as planned. A great prank can make you a legend among your friends or the internet. It could also go terribly wrong. Th…

Ex-fiancé Asks For Another Chance, The Response is Priceless

A Guy Gets Revenge on His Cheating Wife and it’s Glorious

There’s nothing like some sweet sweet revenge on someone’s birthday right? I mean especially when your significant other is cheating you may as well ruin their birthday…

Never Tell a Girl no When She Wants Sex

It turns out if you say no to sex a girl will beat the crap out of you and embarrass you all on camera…

A Dodge Hemi Lands a Guy the Easiest Date Ever

David proud owner of this Dodge Challenger that earned him the easiest date ever. He walked out to his car to find a little note under his windshield wiper which oddly enough looked like a ticket from…

A Woman Trashed Her Cheating Husband’s Audi R8

A woman trashed her husband’s Audi A8 that costs $130,000 when she found out that he had been cheating on her and from the look of the car now, she did a really good job at destroying the car too.

Ridiculous Reason Why People Broke Up