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Social Media Fails

Digby Van Winkle: Coolest Dog on Instagram

Facebook Fails

Internet Fails

Oh The Things You see on Facebook

Tila Tequila Went Off the Deep End

Most Awkward Moments on Facebook

35 Best Facebook Fails

Facebook Fails

Dumb People on the Internet

Total Facebook Fails

Skittles Does Facebook Right

Awesome Instagram Photos

Potential Incest on Christmas!?

Yep we’re judging you get hammered and then tweet and or hit on your cousin? Lol all in all it makes for some awesome stories and laughs.

People Who Should Not Be Allowed on Facebook

Ridiculous Tweets

Zeitgeist 2012: A Year in Review

See how the world searched with Google’s 2012 Zeitgeist:

Taco Bell has the Best Social Media Ever

Rich Kids of Instagram

These kids have way more money than we ever will. And I kind of hate them for it. Here’s some of our favorites with the captions and hashtags: Today was a rough day in the markets…. #yikes #rk…

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