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There have been a lot of rumors over the past week regarding a Dexter reboot. But it might not be what people actually think it is.


The internet blew up last week with rumors of Dexter possibly returning to reclaim his bloody actions. This was started due to Dexter’s official twitter sending out a tweet wishing its followers a Happy Thanksgiving. This greeting quickly sparked a fierce debate Dexter viewers, past and present. Fans of the Showtime series, and there are many, took to their social media accounts to debate whether or not they’d see their favorite serial killer again.

Uproxx is reporting that, no, Michael C. Hall is not interested in appearing as everyone’s favorite blood spatter analyst. Let me break it down for you:

When the series first ended in September of 2013, there was some talk about a possible spin-off. After a controversial series finale, which left Dexter alive, and apparently living a solitary life cutting down trees (gosh, I wish that was a joke), the possibility of a new series was discussed. Then again, much of this discussion was an attempt to rationalize the finale letting Michael C. Hall’s character survive despite murdering dozens of people throughout the series’ run.

Following Dexter’s finale, its star went on to a variety of different theatre and film projects, most notably taking a turn starring as the titular character in the Broadway revival of Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Showtime has always maintained that Dexter could only be brought back if Hall is involved in the project- and it seems that this isn’t a priority of the actor’s at the moment.

Dexter premiered on Showtime in 2006, to both critical and viewership success. Dexter’s momentum continued to grow through its fourth season, which brought an outstanding villain played by John Lithgow and a season finale that nobody saw coming. Unfortunately, the show began to fizzle after the fourth season, though it didn’t stop Showtime from producing another four before its series finale. Despite its steady decline in viewership, the series finale “Remember the Monsters?” is still the highest rated episode in the network’s history.

As an avid Dexter fan, I’m disappointed that the rumors don’t seem to be true. I had my hopes up until the debate was skewered, and was until then, part of a group text with my fellow Dexter-viewing friends sharing our excitement about the premise of a reboot.

While Michael C. Hall is currently appearing in an Off-Broadway play, perhaps when the show closes he and Showtime will be able to have a conversation about aDexter reboot. After all, with shows like Heroes and Gilmore Girls making revivals for their fans, it seems like anything is possible these days.

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