Double Standards by Erika Jordan


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“Boys will be boys” is still a common used phrase. We’ve all been accused of it. Expecting certain things from someone because of their sex. Is this something feminists should start burning bras about or should we just celebrate our differences?

Evolutionary psychology states that gender differences have developed through human evolution because they are related to reproductive capacities. When the earth was in need of population it made perfect sense for a man to impregnate as many women as possible.

Men have 20 times more testosterone than women, making them more assertive, independent and dominant. Men are still programmed from the caveman era to hunt and spread their seed. Even today a man who plowed through multiple women in one weekend is likely to get high fives from his friends while studies show that the average promiscuous woman was rejected by family and peers. At one point sexually aggressive women were diagnosed with nymphomania, a mental disease.

Some of the most common double standards:

Having sex on the first date.

Women are judged more harshly if they have a messy home.

A woman who speaks her mind is considered arrogant but a man with the same trait is deemed at showcasing executive leadership skills.

Women are considered selfish if they don’t have kids.

A woman can be “too tired for sex.”

A man is more likely to be asked to help fix something.

Women feel obligated not to initiate. (Don’t call first, ask for a date, etc)

A woman can flirt to get a drink.

Studies show that overweight women feel more societal pressure to lose weight than overweight men.

Men can be topless at the beach.

A female is more likely to get away with a physical attack on a man.

If a man dates an older woman he likes cougars if a woman dates an older man she has “daddy issues.”

Girls can tell each other they’re pretty without raising eyebrows.

It’s more socially acceptable for a woman to be a virgin.

Times are changing, women can like football and boys are increasingly seen in dancing classes. Now that what’s deemed acceptable for women and men is merging it’s a matter of nature vs nurture. Will society becoming flexible end double standards or will our hormones and physical differences keep us apart.

Erika Jordan, Certified Love Coach


Follow and chat live with Erika Jordan on Instagram @erikajordan or on Twitter @Erika4Jordan

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