Daily Random News: Loud 10 year old Punched in Theater

I know this is wrong, but it must have been really, really satisfying. Sometimes you just need to punch the loud kid at the movies.

A Washington state man fed up with a group of noisy moviegoers behind him stepped over the seat and punched a 10-year-old boy in the face.

The man, who told police he thought the person he hit was a grown man, was watching “Titanic” in 3-D with his girlfriend and had asked the people sitting behind to quiet down and stop throwing popcorn, but they laughed at him, he said.

“I got so mad that it just happened,” Yong Hyun Kim, 31, told police who arrested him the night of April 11 at the AMC Kent Station 14, in Kent, a south Seattle suburb.



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  • Phil

    Love how the 10-yr old is scoring his first movie tits in 3D.

  • jojo

    Huffington post says the guy was 21 and slapped him. Where did u get your info from, curious what really happened