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After meeting August Ames on the set of Model For Murder on HBO I was immediately impressed with how gorgeous, talented, sweet and innocent she appeared. After filming another HBO movie with her a few weeks ago I can officially say she’s consistently awesome so I wanted to know more.

EJ: What was your first job?

AM: I had a lot of different odd jobs when I was 14-15! I worked on a horse ranch taking care/looking after/ cleaning up after the horses…and even though it smelled bad (lol) I had a blast! I love animals and I felt like it was a perfect first job for being 14 and finding out who I was as a person. After that, I worked at Subway, a tanning salon, and I was a bartender. Then I discovered porn haha.

EJ: When did you first realize you wanted to be in adult entertainment.

AM: I never really wanted to be “in” the adult industry initially, I just wanted to make a few extra bucks then go back home to Canada?! But- after I kinda blew up- I realized that “hey, I’m pretty good at this, and people seem to like me” so I decided to stick with it. I’m happy that I did. I’ve learned so much from being in the adult industry, from sex, to knowing my body, it’s a huge eye opener.

EJ: What was your first experience?

AM: Well, the first sex scene I ever shot, actually the first 10 scenes I ever shot, I was so nervous!!!! Nobody gives you a guide when you enter the industry haha. Everyone just expects you to know what you’re doing, after all, it’s just sex right lol? Nope. You have to know how to pose, how to open up for the camera, where to look, allllll this crap that nobody tells you. So you learn as you go! Or, learn as you hoe lmao. So yes I was definitely nervous for my 1st scene. It was a BG scene, and it was for Wicked, a movie called “Selfies”. Basically, I’m just a hot girl taking selfies and then I decided to film myself and my boyfriend having sex on my phone. It was weird having sex with a guy I met not more than 5 minutes prior. Especially when you’re dead ass sober. I get it, when you’re out partying and you’re drunk and you meet someone& you guys hook up that night, that’s a little different. But meeting someone you never met and your job is to have sex with them at 10 in the morning, that was definitely weird for me!! But now, after almost 3 years, the guys I work with is basically a rotation of the same 20 guys? I feel like a pro now.

EJ: What makes you smile?

AM: Lots of things! I love my family cottages in Nova Scotia. I love having the whole family together in the summertime when we have our big lobster dinners! I love being at the beach, camping, anywhere there is beautiful weather, yummy food, and good people. And my baby sister. She makes me smile the most.

EJ: If you could have a super power which one and why?

AM: Mind control!!!! It’s always been mind control! With that, you could literally achieve anything. Who cares about flying or having x-ray vision?

EJ: If you could get away with anything what would you do?

AM: If I could get away with ANYTHINGGGG…..probably I would rob a bank. I’d give half to my mom, and go on a wild crazy adventurous vacation with my half hahaha. Totally illegal and wrong yes- but hey, I would get away with it? BUT- if I had that mind control, I could just walk into the bank and have them hand me the money no-prob.

EJ: What turns you on?

AM: Confidence in a person! And they must have a great sense of humor. The guys with the funnies get the honnies? And what turns me off is a HUGE deal breaker!!!! I am not by the slightest bit interested in a guy who is totally full of himself. I can’t stand guys who are complete tools and think that looks is the only thing that’s important in life. Because I swear to you, that’s not what I’m all about.

EJ: what’s your favorite food?

AM: I lovvvvve sushi! Nobu is my jam. I’m definitely a spoiled brat now that I’ve had amazing sushi, because it’s hard to please me when I go to different places haha! And I hate being a picky eater! Also, I love a big, juicy cheeseburger. You can’t ever go wrong with in-n-out!

EJ: Mmmm sushi…mmm.. In and Out.. ;-p If you were granted 3 wishes what would they be?

AM: Hmmmm that’s tough…3 wishes….

1. Let’s start with like, a billion dollars. I want to clear any debt my family has, make sure that my mom and sister are well off, donate to the charities that I am passionate about, and live the rest of my life stress-free!

2. Okay after having a billion dollars it’s hard to think of anything else hahaha….but I would love to be able to sing! I can’t sing at all. And I would love to be able to just belt out amazing songs?

3. World happiness. Maybe that’s the same as world peace, but I like “happiness” better. It’s simple but we haven’t fully achieved it yet.

EJ: That was great! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions! For those that aren’t already following August (You should she posts awesome stuff constantly!!!) or you can find her on Twitter @AugustAmesxxx

Thank you Canada
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