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Awesome or Awkward Pregnant Photos?

People take the weirdest photos when they’re pregnant what do you think awesome or awkward?

This Guy’s Girlfriend Forgot Her Purse in His Car

So your girlfriend left her purse at your place on accident, what should you do with it? Well now you have your answer.

Happy Father’s Day

Thank you to all the Dads out there. We know you’re awesome and here are a few photos to show how awesome Dads can be.

Everyone’s Dad is a Little Awkward

Everyone knows their Dad is a little awkward, but we all love them. Here are some exceptionally awkward Dads being awesome.

If you watch it backwards

Awkward Glamour Shots You Wish You Took

Remember when glamour shots were all the rage? Well this is how they turned out enjoy.

Awkward Stock Photography

Evil Genius Made These Celebrity Mashups

Kentucky Derby Means Silly Hats Only

It’s that time of the year for the Silly Hats Only club to make an appearance in Kentucky. If you have your own silly hat for the Kentucky Derby show it to use tweet it to @bromygawd and weR…

This Dad Is Probably The Best Dad Ever

Worst Things Ever

Daft Punk Doing Everyday Things

Random Access Memories is going to be released in May and some of you may be wondering if they have normal lives. The answer is yes, sure they may always wear their masks but they lead normal lives.

Even Homeless Guys Have A Sense Of Humor

Lets Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Tons of Swag

Lets Bring Back the 80s and 90s

Everyone needs a dose of nostalgia from time to time. If you have awesome photos from the 80s or 90s shoot them over and we’ll share them in a post.

Baby Shower Cakes Full of Creepiness

I Don’t Give A Fuuuuu It’s Friday

Best Animal Photobombs

Everyone Loves Doritos Locos Tacos Chips

Everyone went wild over Doritos Locos Tacos and guess what Doritos made all of your dreams come true with the cool ranch version of the taco. Then they made it even better by putting them both is chi…