Did They Really Just Say That? Shocking NBA Tweets

<h2>Shocking NBA Tweets</h2> Twitter used to not be as famous as it is today. Years ago NBA players would tweet out no matter what was on their mind. Check out some of these shocking NBA t…

These Photos Will Make You Hate Summer

These Photos Will Make You Hate Summer! Its always been a happy time when the summer arrives! It is the time for beach trips, sun bathing, tan lines etc. No more rainy wet days. No shivering cold that…

Now This is What You Call Fashion

Now This is What You Call Fashion Who needs all that expensive name brand frilly crap when you have a boss ass attitude and a fashion sense like these crazies…

It’s Going To End Badly

Well, I can guarantee this is going to end badly for these people in these photos…

A Few Things We Can All Relate To In Life

There are a few moments in life that almost everyone on earth can relate to. We have all woken up feeling just a little tired and not wanting to go to school right? Of course you have, and of course y…

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Thanks Captain Obvious

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Imgur user JohnCessna said that back in 2008, his mom said to “sober up” and start sending out his own Christmas cards…Well he decided to start doing that.