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Badass Grandmas

Russia The Destroyer of Fake iPhones

So Russia is a funny place. A man was caught with $40,000 worth of counterfeit iPhones he could not prove they were real with any documents…so Russia then decided to bulldoze all of those and th…

Some People Shouldn’t Go to Gyms

Some people just shouldn’t go the gym they either frighten people or don’t work out!

A Few Reasons Why Airports Suck

Fun with Snow

Passive Aggressive Neighbor Notes

Best Selfies Ever

Is Your Dad a Bro?

If you have any photos like these in the family albums, your dad is probably a bro.

Googly Eyes Make The World Better

    Someone took some googly eyes and started putting them up everywhere in Target. It definitely helped out the whole atmosphere.

Faces Photoshopped onto Glamor Shots

T-Shirts That Shouldn’t Be For Kids

Awkward Family Photos

Extreme Photoshop Makeover

Craziest People on Earth

These are the craziest people on earth: the polar plunge participants!

Clever Science Museum Advertisements

Mind F*ck Photos

Times You Wish No One Was Watching

Kids Who Hate Santa’s Lap

They may hate Santa’s lap but you’ll love these photos forever. Lets keep torturing kids with Santa’s wrath.

Creepy Old-Timey Christmas Photos

Best Autocorrects of 2012