I Can’t Get Past The First Date by Erika Jordan


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You can talk to women and you can get them to go out with you but for some reason you rarely make it past the third date. Dating can be tricky, you need to play it cool and confident when you’re trying to get her on the first date but once you have her attention that’s just not going to cut it.

Playing it cool, calm and collected portrays a confidence that’s very appealing to women. If it goes on too long you’re playing it cool just becomes playing. Your confidence piqued our interest and now you’re coming across as afraid to open up.  A confident man is proud of who he is , what he offers and who he is attracted to. We immediately have a desire to learn more about you.

A man who is confident knows what he wants and doesn’t need anyone to like him for him to maintain his confidence. But if you maintain the aloof nature that attracted her initially you’re just coming across as uninterested or lacking depth. You may have spent your first few dates drinking cocktails at the night club but now it’s time to be true to yourself and your sexuality.

Take her to dinner, slowly brush her hair out of her face. Take a genuine interest in her and let her know about you. Especially if you’re handed a gold mine like “I love skiing” and you happen have worked your way through college as a ski instructor. You need to start serving appetizers (so to speak) tidbits that keep her looking forward to the main course. We thrive off of bonding and sharing intimate stories. If you keep us in a constant state of wanting without throwing us some bread crumbs we’re going to look elsewhere.. Girls gotta eat.. and in this case we crave the real you.

We want to get a sense of who you are. If you don’t start to open up and show sexual interest you’re going to get stuck in the friend zone or “he’s just not boyfriend material.”  If you’re confident with who you are but not confident enough to let her know who you are and that you’re interested then you’re just not that confident.


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