Box Brew Kits Are The Best Way To Brew at Home


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Lets brew some beer! After unpacking the Box Brew Kit we fell in love with the kit. The box it comes with makes it very easy to store all of the tools you need to brew your beer. Box Brew Kits are easy to use because of the instructions that come with each recipe, they’re easy to understand and anyone can use them and brew a great batch of beer. If you’re looking to break into the hobby of brewing your own beer or if you’re experienced this is the perfect kit. It’s self contained and easy to store and if you want to leave it out it isn’t an eye sore in your home. If you do purchase one of these kits just remember you’ll need your own pot / kettle to boil everything in and your own burner, but if you’re brewing a 1 or 2 gallon batch you can do it on your stove. Make sure you check out all of their kits at, we got the “double barrel” and we absolutely love it.

We’re giving away two of their kits make sure to enter here.

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