Beware Of This Selfie Stick Clipper In New York (Video)


Beware Of This Selfie Stick Clipper In New York (Video)>/h2>

We all love taking selfies, but it doesn’t mean that we should be hanging around like weirdos with that long selfie stick as we go. Sometimes we get sick seeing such people carrying those selfie sticks as if their hands got elongated ridiculously. However, feeling sick doesn’t mean you have to clip off their selfie sticks, rather you just have to ignore them.

Check out this video where a crazy dude is doing what we were thinking in our mind. He just runs around in New York clipping every selfie stick that came across him. Unfortunately, these poor tourists were the victims of his rampage. I bet, you’re gonna kick this guy’s @ss if this would have ever happened to you. But still kicking someone’s @ss would not bring your lost things back. So I would suggest you guys to be beware of this new selfie stick clipper in New York.


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